An Extra Guest 2017

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Christmas – a season of celebration, a time for friends and family, for feasting and hosting, for generous giving.

At this time of year, amidst the parties and presents, we can easily take our eyes off the greatest gift: Immanuel – God with us. But we can also lose sight of those, in our own communities and across the world, for whom life is far from a celebration, those who have little opportunity for feasts and laughter.

CMSI seeks to help God’s people respond to a world in need: to offer love, light and hope in the midst of darkness. That’s why, this Christmas, we’re encouraging you to think global and add another dimension to your celebrations.

We’d like you to embrace ‘An Extra Guest’ this Christmas:
+ By pausing to remember, and pray for, our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world;_
+ By supporting CMSI’s Mission Resource Fund (General Fund), to ensure we can keep helping the Church to change lives.

An Extra Guest – Here’s how it works:

1. Consider what it would cost to have an extra guest this Christmas – someone joining you at your Christmas Day meal, or on a special night out, or even an additional gift under the tree;
2. Donate that amount to CMSI as part of our Christmas Appeal;
3. We will send you An Extra Guest placemat and a Christmas Prayer Menu – to help you think globally during your Christmas celebrations.

Of course, if you’re also able to invite a real, live extra guest or two, that would be fantastic! There may be folk in your parish or your neighbourhood who miss out on the experience of a family meal or a festive gathering at this time of year. You could be the person who brings a bit of light and laughter to their Christmas!

Order your Extra Guest materials and make a donation to the Christmas Appeal.

Or, if you just want to make a donation to the Christmas Appeal – without ordering any materials – click the donate button below.

If you want your placemat and menu in time for Christmas Day, we need to receive your donation by 18th December. However, we will continue sending out materials for donations received up to and including 21st December – after all, the Christmas Season lasts until 5th January!

You can also send your donation by post to the CMSI Offices in Belfast or Dublin. Please contact us to request your materials.

Find out more about CMSI’s Mission Resource Fund.

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