Connect, Equip, Transform

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On Saturday 1st April, at Shine – CMSI’s Annual Members’ Day in Swords – we launched our new Strategic Plan for 2017-2022.

The Strategic Plan, entitled ‘Connect, Equip, Transform’, will shape CMSI’s work over the next five years. In presenting the plan, CMSI’s Mission Director, Jenny Smyth, used the analogy of a trellis that provides structure and stability for sweet pea flowers to flourish and grow…

After a while, such is the extent of the growth, you barely notice the trellis – all you see are the flowers. We pray that this strategic plan will promote growth and fruitfulness, and that the focus will be on the outcomes of transformed lives and communities.

The Power of Connection

The Mengo Hospital administrator was frustrated! He had called the technician several times to discuss the intermittent fault in the secretary’s computer and each time the inspection revealed nothing. Eventually he asked Billy to have a look; at the time, Billy was a mission partner working as the hospital maintenance manager.

At first, Billy was flummoxed. Everything seemed to be working fine. He asked the secretary to call him next time there was an issue. She did and he came. He had a look. The computer would not respond. The secretary said she would go for her tea break and leave him to investigate. She lifted her handbag to go, and lo, the computer started up! Where had she been keeping her handbag? Sitting on top of the adaptor plug.

Sometimes all that is needed is a proper connection.

Making good connections is at the core of what we do as CMSI – connecting individuals and local churches with God’s family in other parts of the world. Connections that enhance understanding and enable mutual support. Connections that help us all grow in faith and advance God’s kingdom.

CMSI is a Christian mission organisation that exists to help God’s people engage in God’s mission. We make connections between different parts of God’s global family and we equip churches and individuals as they work together to share God’s transforming love.

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