Expectations and being Embraced.

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We all have expectations: of people; family; spouses; circumstances; the church; the future… to name but a few. It has been my experience that often only when my expectations have not been met, do I realise that I had a certain belief or assumption of how someone or something should pan out. We have now been back in Ireland for two months (hard to believe) and I have realised that my low expectations of our local Northern Ireland community have been ill-founded! Sorry!

Kiwoko is a community, based on similar professions and beliefs committed to serving the local community through the provision of excellent holistic health care services. It is not the ‘structure’ or geography of the community that I thought I would miss but rather that ‘sense of community’ which speaks to me of looking out for each other, expressing love through acts of kindness, enjoying a strong sense of belonging to a community where people really care about you, despite your many faults and weaknesses. I didn’t expect to find a strong sense of community in Ireland given the busyness of life and how much more individualised Northern Ireland society is. However, I was totally wrong!

People have wholeheartedly embraced us since our home coming. I don’t have enough space to write up every act of love, kindness and support that has been extended to us (not just by CMSI). Ballyholme folk have been amazing – parents and their kids looking out for Gideon at school; wonderful teachers helping Gideon settle in; people dropping by with a main course or chocolate brownies; complete strangers introducing themselves in the playground and assuring us that they are praying for us; people patiently giving us time to talk while they listen – even if they don’t have much concept of what our life in Uganda was like.

It also dawned on me that we have never been around long enough to give people an opportunity to embrace us into the community. Usually we are flying round the country over a two-month period trying to pack as much in as possible, so how could people realistically invest in us, knowing that we were heading back to where we considered ‘home’? I hadn’t given the local community here a chance!

Our church link visits to Ardtrea and Desertcreat, Kilcronaghan, Annaghmore, and St Finnians over the last weeks have been such wonderful days. It hasn’t felt like an official visit, instead it has felt like a visit to our extended family who have travelled with us over the years. It has been emotional to say goodbye in our capacity as CMSI Mission Partners, but hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

We still miss our Kiwoko community very much, but thank you to everyone who has helped us get through the last few months. In the words of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 1:3, ‘I thank my God every time I remember you.’

Rory, Denise & Gideon Wilson

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Gillian Maganda said Thu, 29 Jun 2017 06:21PM
Continuing to pray for you all xo
Susan said Wed, 26 Jul 2017 01:15PM
Surely we will always remember and have you in our hearts here in Kiwoko. As our theme was last year Thanking God for the past and trusting him for the future, whenever we shall see how far God has brought us and the different individuals who have greatly contributed to who Kiwoko is today, we shall always talk about the Wilsons Just as we talk about the Clarkes. Surely your work as the Wilsons will be memorial and historical in the Kiwoko family. We miss you all. But above all, let the Almighty God be with you always as you trust God for the future.

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