Kenya Drought - Please Pray

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On 14th July, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations issued a special alert for East Africa following the third consecutive failed rainy season. Poor rains have ‘worsened hunger and left crops scorched, pastures dry and thousands of livestock dead.’

CMSI is calling for prayer for the situation and particularly for Kajiado Diocese – our partners in Kenya – as they respond to those impacted by the drought in their region.

From Shortage to Crisis
CMSI Mission Partners, Ronnie and Maggie Briggs, work with the development department of Kajiado Diocese, which seeks to share God’s love in practical, life-giving ways. In reflecting on the current situation, Ronnie writes:

Drought creeps up slowly and catches most people unawares. The short rains of November 2016 were not widespread and didn’t last as long as usual.

“Well, it’ll probably rain in March/April so we’ll be fine,” is the normal response, so people just get on with it and put up with the shortages of water and food while waiting for the next rains. Then in March/April – it didn’t rain at all in a number of places – the drought was upon us, and in full force.

As the existing water supplies and grazing dwindles, the condition of the livestock deteriorates and they become so weak that they can’t even stand up – famine is next. And that is exactly where we are now across many places in the diocese. This situation will continue to deteriorate over the next few months as it will not rain again until at least November.

People now need emergency food relief to deal with the immediate problem – especially children under five, the elderly and mothers with small babies. However, as we approach the next rainy season, many people will also need help to re-establish their livestock: they’ll need new goats and sheep.

Pastoral Care and Practical Help
In this context of suffering, the Church in Kajiado seeks to offer both pastoral support and practical help.

Bishop Gaddiel visits rural communities across the whole diocese on a weekly basis, to listen to people, to pray with them and to share the hope and love of God. The Church also engages in various practical activities to improve water supply, to develop livestock care and to develop better food security. At times like this, they also seek to provide emergency relief. As they do all these things, they ask for our prayers.

Points for Prayer
+ Pray for those suffering the impact of famine and starvation
+ Pray for wisdom for those putting together a plan for the relief effort
+ Pray for the provision of the necessary resources for the Church to respond
+ Pray that the rain may fall in abundance in it’s season

CMSI’s Support to Kajiado
CMSI’s primary means of support to Kajidao Diocese is the provision of Ronnie and Maggie Briggs, as Mission Partners who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the diocesan development department. Ronnie’s construction background enables him to assist the diocese in finding long term sustainable solutions to the challenge of access to clean water throughout the dry season. Maggie’s involvement with women gives her an understanding of the impact a reliable water supply can have in raising a healthy family, and raises awareness of their issues.

If you would like to offer financial support to Kajiado Diocese at this time, please contribute to the Briggs support fund…

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