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Friday, 28 July 2017

RWANDA: Shyogwe Diocese
Pray for the Education Department as they support Zion Education Centre as well as vocational and polytechnic training. Pray for competent leaders to help build up each of these levels and give thanks for the dedicated team of staff and teachers.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

IRELAND: CMSI Members and Volunteers
Give thanks for all those who support CMSI as active members of the society. Pray that more individuals would sign-up as CMSI Stars, by renewing their membership or signing-up for the first time. Pray that God would guide the staff team in how best to encourage and equip members.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

IRELAND: CMSI Members and Volunteers
Give thanks for CMSI’s Selectors, who help the staff team in discerning whether or not to send individuals who apply to CMSI for mission placements. Pray for Paul Ferguson as he leads the team and for God’s Spirit to guide and lead the team in their decision-making processes.

Monday, 31 July 2017

IRELAND: CMSI Members and Volunteers
Pray for the Board of Trustees, under the chairmanship of Adrian Dorrian. Pray especially for the new trustees who were elected at the AGM in April – Olwen Laird, Louise Talbot Beirne and Rev Matthew Hagan – that they would settle in quickly to their new roles.

Tuesday, 01 August 2017

Please pray that the elections in Kenya next Tuesday (8th) may pass peacefully and without incident. Pray for the future president and government as they implement their plans for the country. Thank God for the rainfall earlier this year and pray there will be sufficient crops and livestock to feed the population.

Wednesday, 02 August 2017

KENYA: Kajiado Diocese
Pray for the re-branding and development work at the Maasai Rural Training Centres in Isinya and Oltiasika, as a new strategic plan is being put together. Pray for the people of Kajiado as they struggle to sustain livestock with severe water shortages and lack of pasture.

Thursday, 03 August 2017

KENYA: Kajiado Diocese
Pray for Bishop Gaddiel Lenini as he balances theological studies at St Paul’s University, Nairobi with his busy pastoral role in the diocese. Pray especially for the upcoming departmental conferences – Mothers’ Union at Magadi Secondary School (600-700 delegates) and Youth at Kajiado Secondary School (1,000 delegates).

Friday, 04 August 2017

Andrea Givans from Ballinderry Parish in Cookstown has recently been selected for a ten-week STEP in the Diocese of Madi West Nile, Uganda from mid-September. Pray for Andrea as she prepares to visit Africa for the first time and undergoes cultural orientation in the coming months.

Saturday, 05 August 2017

Give thanks for Emma Lougheed from Bangor, travelling today to undertake an eight-month STEP at Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda. Pray for Emma as she assists with teaching in a local Nursery School and helps the Bakers with preparing Lana for primary school in Northern Ireland in 2018.

Sunday, 06 August 2017

Pray today for Jen Christie in her role as Administration Coordinator. Pray particularly for her preparations for the upcoming mailing of inMission magazine and for her work with managing the travel bookings for teams and individuals. Pray that Jen would know God’s peace and provision.