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inMission is CMSI’s free quarterly magazine for members, supporters and churches.

Full of news, prayer points and articles, it’s one of the best places to start exploring mission with CMSI.

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Current Edition:

inMission 56: Autumn 2017

This edition is entitled Crossing Bridges and includes:
-An introduction to CMSI’s new annual theme
-Connecting communities – building bridges in Egypt
-Catching the rains – responding to drought in Kenya
-Crossing over – highlights from a team visit
- Learning & supporting – growing links with Rwanda

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Recent Editions:

Summer Snippets 2017

In this edition:
-Ireland in Action – Notes from a small island
-Emmaus Illumination – Highlights from Shine
-Mission Movements – Mission personnel and staff snippets
-A reflection on film poker, DVD extras and the Book of Acts

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inMission 55: Spring 2017

In this edition:
-Unity, Partnership and the Body of Christ
-The gift of diversity
-Epiphany in the east (highlights from a visit to Nepal)
-Learning to lead

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inMission 54: Winter 2016

In this edition:
-Send us people: the value of mission personnel
-Stories and reflections from our Mission Partners
-Opportunities to go
-People person – inMission meets Gillian Maganda

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inMission 53: Autumn 2016

In this edition
-Deep Roots: Introducing new CMSI’s Annual Theme
-Growing Communities: stories from our partners
-Uncomfortable Places: the challenges of partnership
-Nurturing Growth: spotlight on CMSI’s Children’s Resource

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Summer Snippets 2016

In this edition
-Making Connections – Changing Lives
-Walking together: the Limavady-Kajiado link
-Hip Reflections from Keith Scott
-Partnership Perspectives from recent staff visits

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inMission 52: Spring 2016

In this edition
-Blessing from Brokenness
-In the Detail: signs of life at Kiwoko
-In the Midst: an update from Burundi
-Making Money Count: CMSI’s Designated Fund

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inMission 51: Winter 2015

In this edition
-The Power of Presence
-Being There: stories of presence
-Standing with CMSI – a call to membership
-Making Money Count: CMSI’s General Fund

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inMission 50: Autumn 2015

In this edition
-New Beginnings (meet our new staff)
-Renewed, restored and ready (an Autumn reflection)
-Changing People (Mission Partner Update)
-Sligo to Kindu (developing a new partnership)

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Summer Snippets 2015: Let Your Light Shine

In this edition
-Beacons of Hope and Healing
-Highlights from the ‘Shine’ event
-Updates from CMSI Mission Personnel and Staff

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inMission 49: Spring 2015

In this edition
-Introducing CMSI’s new Mission Director
-Laying Firm Foundations: putting leaders in their place
-Teaching & training in Egypt, Uganda, South Sudan & Nepal
-Going Full Board: a spotlight on our trustees

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inMission 48: Winter 2014

In this edition
-Heaven in Ordinary: Reflections on Advent & St Andrew
-Trevor: An ordinary angel
-News from Ronnie and Maggie on their ‘re-call’ to Kenya
-Short-term visits, long-term gains

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inMission 47: Autumn 2014

In this edition
-Better Together: a focus on relationships
-Lessons from the Burning Bush – by Rory Wilson
-Relationship in Action: Reflections from Changing Times
-A final word from the den Breejen family

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