Annual Project

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Every year, CMS Ireland produces an Annual Project resource for use by Sunday Schools, churches and school groups in Ireland.

The Objectives
By producing and promoting the Annual Project each year, CMS Ireland seeks to:

  1. 1. To help children and young people understand more about God’s work of mission throughout the world.
  2. 2. To educate children and young people about a particular country and the way in which the church in that country (one of our Global Partners) is helping to share God’s love.
  3. 3. To help inform and educate churches about the work of one of our Global Partners and encourage them to support that Global Partner through prayer, friendship and finance.
  4. 4. To raise funds for a particular project of the Global Partner.

The Focus
The focus of the Annual Project changes each year – a different country, a different Global Partner, a different type of project. Recent projects include:
2008: Footsteps [Kenya]
2009: Start Small, Grow Tall [Rwanda]
2010: Hands On [Uganda]
2011: Living Stones [Burundi]
2012: The Beautiful Gate [Nepal]
2013: All Things New [South Sudan]

The Resource
We provide the following material with each Annual Resource Pack:
Leaders’ Guide – with some background information on the country, the Global Partner and the project, as well as guidelines on how best to use the material and material for teens. There’s also a session outline for each age group (including teens) for each week.
Children’s Workbooks – Material for 4 Sunday School sessions for 3 different age groups, including: Country Information; Craft Activities; Memory Verses; Dramas and Games. Each session uses a particular bible story which ties in with the theme of the project. The Workbooks are photocopied by the Leaders for their children.
DVD – with 4 short videos that help the children find out a bit more about the project (we film these in-country in the Autumn prior to launching each project)

Free Samples
You can have view some of the material from the 2012 project, The Beautiful Gate, by clicking on the appropriate links below. (Please note – these electronic versions have been altered and abridged for security purposes on the request of our Partners in Nepal).

Leaders’ Guide