Where we work

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1. Burundi
Sometimes referred to as ‘the heart of Africa', due to its distinctive shape and central location, Burundi is one of the world's poorest countries and has suffered greatly from bouts of ethnic cleansing and civil wars. CMSI partners with two Anglican Diocese in Burundi.
Bishop_john_laying_foundation_stone Gitega Diocese
Archbishop_bernard Matana Diocese
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2. DR Congo
Despite valuable natural resources, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the world's poorest country and still suffers the effects of a long civil war. CMSI works with three dioceses as they share God's love in this challenging context.
Bishop_bahati Bukavu Diocese
Bishop_masimango Kindu Diocese
Img_6794 North Kivu Diocese
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3. Egypt
In Egypt, ancient meets modern, Christianity meets Islam and considerable wealth meets extreme poverty. CMSI partners with the Diocese of Egypt as it reaches out to a large refugee community and responds to many of the needs created by overcrowding and poverty.
Re_tukul_crafts Diocese of Egypt
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4. Kenya
Despite a reputation as one of the most stable countries in East Africa, Kenya has recently experienced ethnic violence and terrorist attacks. Drought and famine continue to have a significant impact on communities. CMSI works with two Global Partners in two very different contexts.
E20_mixed_colours_but_one_dream___water_8x5 Kajiado Diocese
Udp UDP, Nairobi
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5. Nepal
Nepal has experienced significant change in recent years, but it remains a poor country beset by political stagnation. Christianity is still young, but the church has seen explosive growth as God's people share God's love to those on the margins of society.
P1000037 HDCS
Scenery SD Church
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6. Rwanda
For its first 35 years, Rwanda - 'the land of a thousand hills' - was characterised by ethnic strife and civil conflict, culminating in the 1994 genocide. Recent years have seen much reconciliation, healing and growth - and the Church has been instrumental in these things.
Kibungo_children Kibungo Diocese
Shyogwe_diocese_south_west_rwanda Shyogwe Diocese
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7. South Sudan
South Sudan gained independence from its northern neighbour in 2011 – the result of a six-year peace process following 22 years of civil war. After a positive and promising start the past two years have seen a return to instability and violence. CMSI partners with four dioceses who offer healing, help and hope.
Misty Ibba Diocese
Our_muddy_car_on_the_journey_from_kk Kajo-Keji Diocese
Maridi_farewell Maridi Diocese
Sudan_blackboard Yei Diocese
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8. Uganda
Sometimes referred to as 'The Pearl of Africa', Uganda lies at the core of the Great Lakes Region of East Africa and has one of the fast growing populations in the world. CMSI has a long history of working with the Church in Uganda and we currently have Global Partners in two parts of the country.
Lx-2006-03-09-000-0052 Luwero Diocese (inc. Kiwoko Hospital)
Bishop_joel Madi-West Nile
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9. Zambia
Zambia is a land marked by contrast - with significant divides between rich and poor, urban and rural, developed and underdeveloped. Poverty, HIV/AIDS and inadequate social services are among the many challenges faced by its people. CMSI has been in partnership with the Church in Zambia since 1995.
Zamia-kitwe Diocese of Northern Zambia
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