Shyogwe Diocese

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Shyogwe Diocese is CMS Ireland’s newest Global Partner in the Mid-Africa region.

In 2008, CMS Ireland was delighted to be able to expand our connections within Rwanda, by beginning a partnership relationship with Shyogwe Diocese.

Shyogwe is situated in the South – West area of Rwanda and is a member of the Eglise Anglican du Rwanda. Under the leadership of Bishop Jered Kalimba, the diocese has a strong focus on holistic mission. “Thy Kingdom come” is the diocesan motto, reflecting their desire to be involved in ushering in God’s Kingdom.

The Programmes:

The holistic approach adopted by the diocese to ministry and mission is reflected in the range of activities carried out by the church. As they are a new partner, CMS Ireland has not been involved in supporting any of these initiatives financially.

- Education – The diocese has a number of primary and secondary schools providing quality education. Additionally there is the “Bible and Development” school, which provides training in theology and development – this again reflects their holistic attitude towards mission.

- Healthcare – There are a number of dispensaries, some of which have been upgraded to clinics.

- Community Development – An extensive ministry within the diocese, this programme covers a range of activities including fruit processing, agricultural improvement and local small scale income generation.

- Water and Sanitation – The diocese has recently completed a medium scale water and sanitation project to provide local communities with access to clean, safe water.

- Discipleship – a recent innovation within the church has been the creation of village-level cell groups. These groups, often made up of only 10 households, meet in each other’s houses to study the Bible and share together.

Though the relationship between the church in Ireland and Shyogwe is still young, we are excited by the potential for quality connections in the future.