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Financial giving is one of the main ways of engaging with the work of CMSI and providing support for our partners. We are hugely grateful for every donation we receive from individuals, churches and groups, and we do all we can to ensure money is properly managed and effectively used.


We trust God to make money count, producing good fruit from these offerings.

Money donated to CMSI falls into two broad categories:

General giving to CMSI’s Mission Resource Fund

Money donated in this way gives us flexibility to resource the breadth of the society’s work.


The Mission Resource Fund enables us to:

  •  Work with churches throughout Ireland, to inspire and resource God's people in mission;

  • Help individuals explore potential mission placements with our Global Partners;

  • Develop and nurture mission partnerships;

  • Cover shortfalls in support for our partners and their mission programmes. 

Support for the Mission Resource Fund is vital if CMSI is to continue making connections between churches and equipping God's people to transform lives.

Designated giving to a specific partner or project

Designated giving is targetted towards a specific aspect of the work of CMSI and our Global Partners.

Money can be directed towards:

  • A Global Partner – there’s a general ‘pot’ for each of our Global Partners, to allow them maximum flexibility with how they use the support

  • A Global Partner Project – there are opportunities to designate your support to specific projects and programmes of our Global Partners, in line with their mission priorities. 

  • A Mission Partner Family – you can support CMSI mission personnel.

All money donated to a designated 'pot' is used in support of that cause, but 10% of each donation is used by CMSI towards the cost of processing, transferring and managing the designated fund. 

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