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Kajo-Keji Diocese

South Sudan

Kajo-Keji Diocese is one of four CMSI partner dioceses in South Sudan, with the partnership going back to 1998. The diocese is led by Bishop Emmanuel Murye since 2018Bishop Anthony Poggo was the previous Bishop.

The diocese is situated to the south of Juba (South Sudan’s capital city) in the Eastern Equatorial Region of the country. It shares a border with Uganda to the south and covers an area approximately the size of Northern Ireland. It is home to more than 120 congregations.

Kajo-Keji suffered enormously during the civil war of 1983-2005, with many thousands of people in the area forced from their homes. The renewed political strife experienced by South Sudan since December 2013 has also had an impact on Kajo-Keji and the Church has sought to support refugees and be a source of peace, healing and hope.

In recent years, CMSI has supported various programmes within Kajo-Keji, including theological training (through Canon Benaiah Poggo College), HIV/AIDS awareness and skills training at the Kajo-Keji Ecumenical Training Centre.

Bishop Anthony writes…

“What matters most to me about our link with CMS Ireland and the Church in Ireland is the prayer support with each other, the visits that we exchange with each other and the fact that we have partners in the Church of Ireland who are praying for us and partnering with us.”


The current priorities in Kajo-Keji Diocese include:
• Evangelism and Discipleship
• Education 
• Empowerment
• Organisational development

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
Bishop John with Ordinands
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