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Burundi celebrates new church leaders

CMSI is delighted to report the recent consecration of two new bishops for our global partners in Burundi, both of whom are well known to staff and supporters here in Ireland. Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye – Bishop of Matana Diocese

For many years, Bishop Seth worked as the Diocesan Secretary of Matana, supporting the then bishop, Most Rev Bernard Ntahoturi, who also served as Archbishop of Burundi. Canon Seth – as he then was – played a key role in facilitating CMSI’s partnership link with Matana until 2014, when he became the provincial secretary for Burundi.

In 2011, CMSI facilitated a visit from Seth, which included placements in Drumcree and Dunmurry Parishes, as well as being the guest speaker at the Mid-Africa Partnership Conference in Glenada. Seth returned to Ireland in 2014 to take part in CMSI’s Changing Times Conference, as part of our bicentennial celebrations. He is well known and much loved by many CMSI members and supporters and we’re delighted by his recent consecration as the new Bishop of Matana Diocese.

Coadjutor Bishop Aimé Joseph Kimararungu – Gitega Diocese

Bishop Aimé Joseph also visited Ireland in 2014 for the Changing Timescelebrations, when he was hosted by Upper Malone Parish and All Saints’, Belfast. A warm, open and engaging man, Rev Aimé Joseph made strong connections with his hosts and has continued to invest in his links with Ireland.

On 27th August, Aimé Joseph was consecrated as Coadjutor (Assistant) Bishop for Gitega Diocese, working alongside Bishop John Nduwoya and succeeded Bishop John when he retires next year.

Aimé Joseph is looking forward to his enthronement, when he will wear the new robes that were handmade for him by Rev Louise Stewart of Upper Malone Parish.

We ask you to join with us as we pray for Seth, Aimé Joseph and their families at this time of transition – for them and our global partners. Pray too for the partnership links with Gitega and Matana Dioceses, that these new appointments would help to strengthen and deepen these relationships.

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