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Twende Team go to church

Sunday 15th

Emmanuel Cathedral was the setting for two Sunday services. The English service was followed by one in Swahili. At both we experienced powerful singing and fervent prayer. The Olyoosian Girls Secondary school choir performed songs directed by Lorna including a version of The Lord's prayer in Swahili.

Rev David (Palmer) gave the sermon preaching on the story of the beheading of John the Baptist. His message called for us to avoid the kingdom of darkness and to embrace the kingdom of light. The team members all introduced themselves and we all felt truly blessed to experience such lively worship.

David and Lorna went to visit Jason Lemoke who had stayed at their home when he was in Ireland with CMSI. They received a warm welcome at his local church and home and were given a lovely present if traditional Maasai costumes.

At home, Robert has a friend George who had spent many years in Kenya and was considered a white Maasai. George had a good friend William Mopel, so Robert and David went off to visit him, kindly driven by Wilson.

William showed us around his large ranch where he has 500 head of cattle. He has also developed a resort centre complete with swimming pool and other amenities.

Now we’re packing our bags for the safari to Oltiaska.

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