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Keep Moving

As CMSI begins to prepare for our 2019 teams, we took time to pause and reflect with the 2018 team members at our recent Momentum event.

Momentum encourages team members to spend time together, listen to each other's experiences and hear how to keep moving in their engagement with CMSI and with what God is doing through them and in their parishes.

The evening began with a tasty international buffet, followed by a time of sharing from each of the six teams represented. The team members had been deeply impacted by their experiences in Kenya (Kajiado, UDP), Rwanda, Uganda (Madi West Nile, Arua) and Egypt.

Each team had learnt so much from their Global Partners and been challenged in their faith. They were keen to keep moving after their team experience.

CMSI staff shared a few ways team members could remain involved with the society and a few team members signed up as Volunteer Speakers. Others were keen to help their parishes to develop deeper Partnership Links.

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