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Cathedral breakfast and sewing progress

Tuesday 2nd July

This morning we set off very early to attend a breakfast meeting with the All Saints' Cathedral church council. It was a privilege to be invited into such an important meeting which was comprised of the heads of departments for music, youth, pastors, and the provost (the equivalent of a 'dean' in Ireland).

Everyone around the table introduced themselves and we were given the opportunity to explain in detail what Days for Girls is about - the health education side of the programme as well as the practical application of the kits.

We were also invited to share something of Antony’s Saturday feeding project, his Christian teaching along with his 'score a goal, plant a tree' initiative. The leaders of the church were greatly encouraged to hear how effective Antony’s projects are. We thanked the provost for providing our transport to and from Kayole and we couldn’t let the opportunity go without singing Louises praises. She has been fantastic in facilitating the project and giving it the legs to run.

After the meeting, we visited the school attached to the cathedral, where Louises twin 9-year-old boys were celebrating their birthday with a Spider-Man cake for their classmates. The principal of the school was eager for us to visit all the kids in the other classrooms too. We then headed into central Nairobi to purchase a new manual singer sewing machine to help with the production of the kits. When we reached the settlement the girls had already set up the machines and were keen to get started. Some of them were more natural stitchers than others, but all of them will have the opportunity to try making liners, shields, cut fabric, make bags and put kits together. During the education training, the girls really opened up and shared their experiences both positive and negative when it came to their relationships, their bodies and their cycles. There was much laughter among the group which is just such an encouragement. Barriers are breaking down and relationships are being forged.

There were many notable experiences today, but a couple of highlights...

'G', who has never used a sewing machine, never mind an over locker before, sat down at the machine and within 15 minutes she had the hang of it and by the end of the day she was proficient in making the liners.

'M' impressed us by her sheer determination. She made a shield from start to finish and wasn’t totally happy with it, she then said she would make another and by the third, she would have the whole sequence and technique perfected.

All of the girls are really trying their best with the project and we are certain they will have a production line going before long with everyone using their own unique skills, gifts and abilities to ensure that the initiative is a success.

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