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The training begins

Monday 1st July

Today was our first day of delivering the Days for Girls training.

Diane explained to the young ladies what the project was and what they will be able to create by the time the training is completed. She emphasised how vital it is that they are able to remain in school or employment or even do normal things like shopping when they menstruate.

The retired Bishop Emeritus Peter Njenga called in to see what we were doing and he was very keen to know how the kits are constructed. He encouraged all the girls to glean as much information and tips as they can from us over the coming days.

It was a very encouraging visit and he stressed how important it is for the women to have dignity even during their period.

He briefly explained the significance of the partnership between All Saints Cathedral and CMS Ireland. He is an amazing man and despite his retirement, he remains influential within the cathedral and the community today. He was the people’s champion when their original settlement was demolished without warning in the 1980’s whereby he helped to establish Kayole as a home for those who were displaced.

Diane (with the help of Louise interpreting) described how the kit works and then Joan, Elaine and I went through each part separately: the shield, the bag and the liners. The girls all were eager to get started themselves on the different components.

We then split into 3 groups: one cutting out the various pieces to make the shield (they even managed to make one shield from start to finish), another group worked on the liners (using the lovely new over locker) and the third group were educated on how their body works, how to fend off attack and most of all, how beautiful and special each one of them are.

We look forward to continuing the training tomorrow.

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