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Fond Farewell to Oloosuyian

Wednesday 10th July

Kwaheri Rafikis!

Today, we said a tearful farewell to our Oloosuyian family. During the short time that we spent at the school, we formed such strong and meaningful friendships. The bonds that have been created will be long lasting and cherished by the whole team. Our leaving service, with the girls, was held in a classroom. When we entered, we were touched to see that the girls had taken the time to scribe each of our names in glitter. Thirty-one personalised posters, with messages from the girls, were stuck to the chalk board.

The service was very moving. Each Form came forward to say their own, personalised, goodbyes either through dance or song. Reflecting the emotions of the Oloosuyian girls, some of our own team became teary. As our contribution to the service, we performed a crowd favourite – ‘Jehovah has the final say’ and the girls happily joined in. It touched us all that the girls valued the time we spent together as much as we did.

Mwalimu Joyce said a few words on behalf of her school. She expressed her joy in having us work alongside her pupils and acknowledged how we value both education and relationships.

Mr. Purcell, and the other leaders, presented gifts to the staff at Oloosuyian and the chairman of their board. We also presented the girls with kind donations from Kukri, Ulster Rugby and a Northern Ireland football kit donated by Coleraine Battalion Boys' Brigade.

Everyone at the school received a pin badge of our Team SMILE logo, the same as the one we proudly wear on our school blazers. These were received with joy. An hour later than our expected finish time, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and went back to the ACK Guest House.

It has been a day of mixed emotions, but the last ten days have been filled with laughs and so much fun. We are sad to be leaving such joyful people.

The team will be travelling to Oltiasika tomorrow and will be offline until Sunday evening.

Amber and Naomi

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