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  • Roger Cooke

Church At The Centre

This month saw the launch of CMSI's new theme for 2019-2020. Entitled Church At The Centre, the theme focuses on God’s main strategy for mission: the Church. It explores how local churches are God’s chosen means of sharing His message of hope, redemption and restoration.

Speaking about the new theme, CMSI’s Mission Resource Manager, Roger Cooke commented:

“Many people will be familiar with the idea of a ‘mission-shaped church’. But this is just part of the story. In CMSI, we’ve become increasingly convinced that mission is meant to be ‘church-shaped’. For mission to reflect biblical priorities and be truly effective, it needs to have Christ at the core and the Church at the Centre.

“From our experience of working with our global partners, we believe firstly that mission is our shared responsibility as an interdependent, worldwide Church, but secondly that mission must always be led and delivered in the local context. Local churches are best placed to address the particular needs on their own doorstep and are the best means of offering physical help and spiritual hope. We’ve got to keep the Church at the Centre of mission.

“We’re excited to share our new theme and to explore these issues more deeply. These ideas will help shape the stories we share and the resources we produce over the coming year.”

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