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Download Discover For Free

Earlier this week, CMSI made its Discover course available as a free download.

Discover is a study series that explores the biblical story of mission. The seven sessions are aimed at helping people develop a deeper understand of what mission is and how they can play their part. Each session includes a short film, along with material for study or discussion.

CMSI's Mission Resource Manager, Roger Cooke, explains why the Discover course has been available in this way:

"At a time when church communities aren't able to meet together and most people are confined to their homes, high quality online resources have become increasingly important. In CMSI, we are keen to do whatever we can to continue equipping and resourcing churches and individuals. Sharing some of our resources online is a simple way to do this.

"Over the ten years since we first launched Discover, it has proved to be a really fruitful course for those who want to explore the biblical story of mission. By making the material available online, our hope is that it can be used for personal study or for virtual home groups and study series.

"The Discover material doesn't promote CMSI, nor any mission agency. It's more about the 'What' of mission. As such, it's a resource that can be used by any church, in any context, regardless of their own mission interests."


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