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Miracle In Nepal

The financial support that CMSI receives for our Global Partners makes a huge difference to people's lives. But, as this story from Roger Thompson highlights, such funds are part of an even bigger story of God's transforming power - and of the Church addressing the injustice of poverty.

Bilhana's Story

For many years ‘Bilhana’ (not her real name) has been suffering with health issues such as difficulty in breathing, high blood sugar level and swollen legs. A year ago she visited Kathmandu to seek treatment, where she was diagnosed with atherosclerosis for which she needed to attend the clinic for follow-up every six months.

Bilhana was unable to access this follow-up treatment, and due to low income she wasn’t able to continue with the medication either. As a result her condition worsened, and then during the 2019 floods she fell and sustained a severe wound in her leg, which was not healing.

She was praying for a miracle in her life, when she heard the announcement that medical camps were being organised in her area by CMSI’s partners in Nepal.

Bilhana decided to visit the camp (funded through CMSI by Misean Cara) where the doctors told her she could travel to Kathmandu to access her follow-up treatment, and her medical expenses would be met. This made her very happy and she thanked the Lord for a miracle in her life.

After receiving treatment, Bilhana said with great thankfulness:

“I was suffering with so much pain physically and emotionally, but God provided me with a miracle, relieving all these problems. He brought [CMSI's Partners] and through their support I am so much better now. I have been healed. I want to express my thanks to all the staff members who not only took care of the physical side of things, but my spiritual needs as well. Thank you so much again for your prayers and fellowship.”

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