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CMS Ireland’s tribute to Canon Henry Leju

June 2023

We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Canon Henry Leju earlier this week, but we rejoice in knowing that he is now restored to full and glorious health in heaven with the Lord he loved and served so well. We would like to send condolences to his family circle, friends and neighbours, and to all those who knew him as their father in the Lord.

Canon Henry was a pioneer in many ways, not least in his role as a local mission partner with CMS Ireland. CMS Ireland has always sought to work with local churches wherever they are located, forming global church links to promote understanding, encourage discipleship, sharing skills and resources for mutual flourishing, and to build God’s kingdom. Canon Henry was the first such local mission partner and it was our privilege to facilitate his ministry through financial support and training opportunities. Canon Henry’s work was supported by local parish churches in Ireland who prayed for him, for his family, the diocese of Kajo Keji and the church in Sudan.

Canon Henry was also a great support to the CMS Ireland mission partners with whom he worked and any visitors he helped to host. He forged many personal friendships with Christians across the church of Ireland. Canon Henry was like a window for the parishes with whom he was linked, inspiring a global church outlook and challenging individuals in faith and discipleship.

We remember him with thankfulness for a life lived in service to his Lord and master, alongside everyone who had the privilege to be fellow workers for the kingdom.

Jenny Smyth, Mission Director, CMS Ireland, on behalf of all the CMS Ireland family



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