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  • Roger Cooke

CMSI share hope-filled Children’s Resource

CMSI recently launched ‘Heroes Of Hope’ – its Children’s Resource for 2021.

CMSI’s annual resource is produced for Sunday schools, churches and families across Ireland. It aims to help children and young people explore the biblical story of mission and explore life and faith in other parts of the world.

This year’s resource introduces heroes of hope in the Bible and across the global Church and challenges us all to share God’s hope. The material – which is free to download from CMSI’s website - includes video stories, activity worksheets and craft suggestions, all around the theme of hope.

A number of churches have already started using Heroes Of Hope as part of their online children’s programme, and the material has been well received:

“I’m a Sunday school teacher delivering the Heroes Of Hope project in Milltown Parish (Armagh Diocese). We launched this last Sunday with great success. The resources are fantastic!”

Sunday school leaders, parents and carers can access the Heroes Of Hope material by visiting the Children’s Resource Page of CMSI’s website and registering their group.



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