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From Kayole to Kells and back again

At the end of April, we had the joy of a shared meal and time to hear from our Associate Mission Partner, Isabelle Prondzynski, who has been serving in Kenya for over 30 years. This long link with CMSI and commitment to the people of Nairobi, affords Isabelle a unique insight into deep seeded partnership, with all its joys and challenges. Humbly serving alongside the committee of Tujisaidie, she shared how our communities have helped one another to grow in the shared job of furthering God’s kingdom. After the event, Isabelle sent us this letter:


Dear Jenny and all,


It was lovely to visit you yesterday, and I am so grateful for all the time you gave me and the fact that almost everyone was there, including our wonderful visitors and Alison. 


While driving back through the beautiful spring countryside, this hymn came to mind:


We plough the fields and scatter

The good seed on the land

But it is fed and watered

By God's almighty hand


The text is a loose rewriting of a lovely German hymn with the same tune, and part of the German verse expresses even more what I was thinking about:


Es geht durch unsre Hände,

Kommt aber her von Gott.


It goes through our hands but it comes from God.

In Nairobi, we do what we can, and we use our energy and our gifts for it. But it is God who provides and makes it happen. We often stand back and look at events and stories, which would be miraculous if God had not made them happen. And CMS Ireland is one of the great gifts to us from God; we cannot thank you enough for all your care and encouragement and for the resources you have brought to us to help us do what we can over so many years. 


I took some photos on the way back, of the beautiful bridge in Kells and of the rapeseed fields on the way, many of them around Ardee. Looking forward to Emma's photos of yesterday, so that I can share them with the team in Nairobi. It was a lovely day, and I was very conscious of the fact that I was there on behalf of the community in Kayole, who were with us in prayer. 


Wishing you a blessed weekend and may God bless you as you continue your wonderful work in Ireland and abroad.




CMS Ireland’s Associate Mission partner




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