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  • Dean Geoff Wilson

Peace in the PAYOT

I was a stranger and you invited me in. Mt 26:35

I’ve only been in Maridi a few days now, but already I’ve found a place of sanctuary in the family PAYOT. A PAYOT is a space where visitors are welcomed, food is shared and fellowship is enjoyed. The PAYOT isn’t a special place because of the materials it is made of, but because of the heart at the centre.

The family PAYOT at the home of Bishop Moses and Mama Rejoice has a mat at the door, which many of us may have at the threshold of our homes. The mat simply says “WELCOME”. Their mat is well worn because many have entered their PAYOT where they have shared food and enjoyed fellowship.

The mat at the door serves both a practical purpose but more importantly communicates a deeper, sincere message that visitors are welcome.

I thank God for the PAYOT I have found in the home of Bishop Moses and pray that my time in Maridi would deepen my walk with God and help me to welcome others just as I have been welcomed.



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