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  • Patrick Bamber

Shining lights

As names go it's quite long: The Church of Jesus Christ the Light of the World. In Old Cairo it is next to the Deaf School. Bertie and I were there on Sunday evening for the Arabic service.

Rev Kamil and his wife, Joujou, are obviously doing a great job. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It was joyful and uplifting, yet the members of the congregation certainly have their fair share of problems. The congregation were from a wide variety of backgrounds but they had a receptivity to the word of God, a reverence for the eucharist and an eagerness to receive prayer ministry. There were tears, love and laughter.

At the end of the service Rev Kamil showed us this remarkable plaque (below) dedicated to the memory of the veteran CMS missionary Canon W H Temple Gairdner.

A final visit to the Nuba Bible Institute, based at St Michael's Church, made a big impression on us also. Just as we saw at the Sudanese Women's School, dedicated Egyptian and Sudanese believers are a powerful combination. We heard stories of overcoming terrible hardships from the students and such joy and exuberance in their hearts. One of the folks we met during our time in Cairo wanted to pass their thanks to CMSI and the people in Ireland who help finance students. The student shared how their studies had helped their understanding of scripture and given them a heart to reach young people in Cairo for Jesus. Already, they have started ministering to young people struggling with alcohol addiction and they are walking alongside three of them who have come to trust Jesus. Our short trip is over. Thank you for taking an interest and for praying for us. It was a wonderful experience that I hope continues to shape us both.



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