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Simplicity: living by faith

Amidst the daily hustle of our lives, we often neglect the enchanting beauty of simplicity. This resonated with me on our team's recent visit to Bidibidi refugee camp in Northern Uganda, a place where individuals' lives are not defined by a dearth of resources, but who, by optimising their circumstances, live simply and with joy.

55-year-old Paulina lives in the Ariye Community in Bidibidi. A South Sudanese refugee, she embodies the invincible human spirit. She has lost her family, home, and nation, but not her will to survive nor her faith. Paulina sought refuge at Bidibidi in 2016. With only a few possessions and two grandchildren in tow, she found herself leading a modest life, a stark contrast to her previous life in South Sudan. Her dwelling is a rudimentary mud hut with a thatched roof. Her bed and seat a simple wooden bench. Yet, her resilient spirit and profound faith illuminate her challenging circumstances.

Paulina's life is not characterised by scarcity but by the blessings she receives. As a beneficiary of the collaboration between CMSI and Madi West Nile Dioceses, she is offered support that supplements the minimal resources provided by the government. This initiative, financed by partner churches and individuals through CMSI, caters to refugees with particular needs, extending a helping hand and mirroring God's love and care in its deeds.

In the simplicity of her life, Paulina identifies and appreciates God's grace. Every bit of assistance she receives, regardless of its size, imbues her with gratitude. Her joy is a testament to her faith and her comprehension of simplicity: it's not about wanting less, but about appreciating what you possess, discerning God's hand in the resources provided.

The Madi West Nile Diocese community, through its Household and Community Transformation department, goes above and beyond to identify and aid the most vulnerable residents of the camp. They provide not just food, but vital items, emotional support, guidance, and educational services for children, encapsulating the love and compassion of God in their actions.

What makes the narrative of Paulina and the Ariye Community truly inspiring is their demonstration of simplicity not as deprivation, but as an embodiment of strength and adaptability. They highlight the power of the human spirit to find satisfaction amidst adversity, a pursuit guided by faith.

It's about the strength and bravery to construct something meaningful from what one has, and most significantly, about acknowledging and appreciating God's hand in it all.

As we navigate life, we may often find ourselves entangled in its complexities, overlooking the quintessence of simplicity that God intended for us. However, through the lives of individuals like Paulina and communities like Ariye, we are reminded of the inherent simplicity of faith and love.

The narrative of Ariye Community serves as a stark reminder that simplicity doesn't imply poverty, but instead, it testifies to human resilience, adaptability, faith, and our capability to recognise and appreciate God's influence in our lives. It stands as a potent lesson in humility, resourcefulness, and the strength of the human spirit to find joy and satisfaction amidst adversity, fortified by the everlasting love of Christ.

It is within this simplicity, rooted in faith, that the true power of simplicity is revealed, a power that assists us in comprehending life's complexities, appreciating God's blessings, and realising that God's hand is, indeed, in everything.



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