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Volunteer Virtually With CMSI

On Monday 25th January, CMSI launched a new initiative that offers a chance to serve the global Church 'remotely'.

The Virtual Volunteering programme helps to connect individuals in Ireland with CMSI's Global Partners and to support them in a variety of ways - all from their own homes. There are opportunities to provide training and advice, administrative support, technical input and much more. For example, CMSI's partners in Nepal are urgently looking for trained teachers who can provide additional classroom support via Zoom to students at Kathmandu International Study Centre.

Speaking after Monday's launch, CMSI's Personnel Manager, Gillian Maganda said:

"Covid-19 has put a temporary halt to the many visits and placements that CMSI facilitates every year. All of our 2020 teams and short-term placements were cancelled - and it is likely that the picture will look the same for much of 2021. "Despite the restrictions on travel, our partners are still serving their communities and are keen that we continue to join with with them in this work. Virtual Volunteering is one way to make this happen. "There are lots of ways in which individuals across Ireland can use their skills, and utilise technology, to provide remote support to God's people in other places. Some of our partners have shared specific suggestions and requests and we'd love to hear from anyone who is interested in exploring these opportunities."

To find out more about Virtual Volunteering with CMSI, contact Gillian Maganda:



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