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According to a recent BBC report, “more than 120 people have lost their lives, including at least 50 in a deluge last Monday in an area about 60km (37 miles) from Nairobi. This is the wet season, but there has been far more rainfall than what is normally expected, which has been put down to the El Niño weather phenomenon. Rivers and sewers have overflowed, roads have become waterways and homes have been destroyed.”  

If you would like to donate to CMS Ireland's emergency appeal to support our partners in Kenya as they give urgent help to those caught in the flooding, click the "Support Tujisaidie" buttons below. Alternatively you can send cheques made out to CMS Ireland and post to us in Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park, 1st Floor, 245a Upper Malone Road, Belfast, BT17 9LA.

The Tujisaidie Self-Help Group, Nairobi (formerly UDP) is a Christian community based organisation which was set up in 1991 to look after 350 families who were displaced from their homes in slum demolitions. CMSI has been involved with Tujisaidie since 1992.


Today the project works with the local community to improve health and sanitation, encourage education and youth work, and nurture income generating activities. Through these things Tujisaidie is seeking to make the love of Christ visible at the heart of a local community. CMSI has helped support many community initiatives including water provision, the Tujisaidie Community Centre School, the Tumaini African Foundation Youth Centre and Sports Outreach, care of the elderly community members, sanitation and community health, as well as income generating projects such as sewing and crafts.


The programme was co-founded by community leader Lucy Irungu, with support from Louise Wambui Githire, Isabelle Prondzynski (CMSI mission associate) and Kathleen Anyako Anangwe who continue to take an active role in overseeing activities, along with TAF CEO Antony Njoroge and Tujisaidie school principal John Omondi.


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Isabelle writes,

We really value the personal relationships between the communities, the CMSI staff, the link churches and other supporters in Ireland – and we hope for the continuation of these relationships in the future.

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
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