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Membership: CMSI Stars


CMSI is a member organisation – made up of members, led by members.


While much of our work focuses on local churches and dioceses, this work is only possible because of individuals: individuals who feel a sense of connection with CMSI; individuals who value what we do and how we do it; individuals who support the society and our partners in many ways.


Membership is a way for such individuals to stand with the Society, to indicate a sense of ‘belonging’ and commitment. Membership is also central to the way in which CMSI is led. Our Board of Trustees is made up of members who have been elected by members.

We call our members CMSI Stars – they each help shine a light on the work of the society; together, they help CMSI to bring light in the darkness by equipping the Church in mission.

CMSI Stars are committed to supporting the society through their prayers, their participation and their finances.

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