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A Prayer For The Church During Covid

CMSI has launched a video of a special prayer for the global Church during the Covid crisis. The video features contributions from 29 different members of the CMSI family, including church leaders from all nine countries where the society's Global Partners are based.

As CMSI's Mission Resource Manger, Roger Cooke explains, the prayer is part of the society's response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

In the early days of the Covid-19 crisis here in Ireland, the CMSI staff team were deeply touched by the numerous messages from our partners, assuring us - and the wider Church in Ireland - of their prayers and blessings. Our brothers and sisters wanted us to know that they were standing with us.

Very quickly, it became clear to us that the impacts of Covid were going to be much more severe in the countries where are partners work. We launched our Covid-19 Response Appeal at the beginning of April to encourage financial support and prayer for our partners. We want to stand with them, as they have stood with us.

This prayer is an expression of that sense of connection and concern that we share together in the global CMSI family. We hope it can be used by churches and individuals who want to pray for their own contexts, as well as looking to the wider world.

The prayer video can be viewed and download below (click on 'vimeo' to access downloadable version) or on the CMSI Facebook Page and is available for use by churches as part of their online services.

Please do keep praying for CMSI's Global Partners and the wider Global Church during the coming weeks - particularly for the significant food shortages that many are already experiencing at this time. We would also encourage you to consider donating to CMSI's Covid-19 Response Appeal. This is a great way to support the Church at the centre of this crisis.

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