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One Church, One Global Family

Coronavirus Covid-19 has a truly global reach. The whole world is united in its susceptibility to this virus and to the suffering it brings.


But there is an asymmetry to the suffering. Existing inequalities and vulnerabilities are further exacerbated as the virus takes its toll. It seems probable that the impact of the pandemic will be especially severe as it spreads through impoverished communities in Africa and South Asia. These are the places where CMSI's Global Partners work. This crisis will hit them hardest.

At this time, it is vital that we stand together at this time as one united Church - one Global Family.


CMSI is appealing for your help to support our partners in Africa and Nepal, as they care for those in their own communities whose lives will be devastated by this crisis.


Please pray. Please give.

A Time For Prayer

Please pray for our Global Partners at this time. Visit our blog pages for the latest news, updates and prayer requests. We would also encourage you to use our special prayer video and our CMSI Stars Prayer.

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A Time For Generosity

We want to provide financial assistance to our Global Partners as they respond to the ​crisis in their own way, in their own time. We would ask for your help to do this.


You can either give to a specific Global Partner, or you can provide support to the central 'pot' for the CMSI Covid-19 Response Appeal - allowing us to respond to the needs as they arise. Either way, the funds given through this appeal will be used to support our partners as they care for their own communities in - and after - this crisis.

Donate now to the general CMSI Covid-19 Appeal

Donate now to one of CMSI's Global Partners

Please add 'Covid19 Appeal' in the message box.

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