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Bukavu Diocese

DR Congo

Bukavu Diocese is one of CMSI’s three Global Partners in DR Congo and is led by Bishop Bahati Sylvester Bali-Busane.


Bukavu was the first diocese to develop a link with CMSI, through the then bishop and later Primate, Archbishop Fidele Dirokpa (now retired). A partnership was formed with CMSI in 1998.


Bukavu Diocese is situated in the east of DR Congo, covering the administrative province of South Kivu.


Bishop Bahati was appointed as the third bishop of Bukavu Diocese in 2006.

Bishop Bahati writes:

Through the partnership, we have openly seen God at work by maintaining our partnership and responding to the prayers of both CMSI and Bukavu Diocese as we pray for each other. Every time our prayer requests are submitted to CMSI we see good results.

The diocese lists its current priorities as:

• Evangelism and church building

• Training of Pastors and Evangelists

• Social Development projects for health and school education

• Children, Youth and Women’s activities for holistic progress

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
Bishop John with Ordinands
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