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_the biblical story of mission, from Genesis to Revelation

_a shared understanding of mission for you and your church

_the challenge for all God’s people to play their part in mission

Special Offer_

_Use Discover for free 


 As CMSI seeks to continue helping God's people explore their part in His mission, we're offering the Discover material (the films and discussion outlines) as free downloads.


If you want us to post out any copies of the Discover book, we're happy to do so. Simplemail us at the office -


If you want to donate towards the cost of postage for books or make a donation towards the other material you can do so here, now or at a later stage - but there's no obligation to do so!


If you do make use any of this material, we'd love to hear from you []


View and download your Discover material

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Introducing Discover  

Introducing the sessions

Session 1 - Flatpack  


Session Outline


Session 2 - Hebrew Lego  


Session Outline

Session 3 - Choice 


Session Outline

Crux studio still.jpg

Session 4 - The One Less Travelled By  


Session Outline


Session 5 - Salt  


Session Outline


Session 6 - Crux  


Session Outline


Session 7 - Momentum  


Session Outline

Introducing Discover 

Discover is a discussion-based course that aims to help people explore the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of mission from a biblical perspective. It’s designed for home group settings or for a special study series – it’s often used during Lent or Advent. This is an ideal resource for churches seeking fresh approaches to teaching and discipleship.

Discover was launched in 2010. Lots of churches and small groups have used the resource since then, and the feedback has been hugely positive. More than a decade on, the material is just as relevant and engaging - and the videos still look fantastic!

The Discover programme is made up of seven sessions, with each session focusing on a particular part of the biblical story of mission. The sessions dip into the stories of Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses and Isaiah before spending time focusing on the life, ministry and death of Jesus. The resource pack comprises specially produced material that is contemporary, innovative and challenging.


The Resource Pack

The different elements of the Discover resource pack are designed to help people think about and talk about mission.


  • The Introduction Booklet – overview of pack; suggestions and guidance

  • The Session Outlines – Suggested questions and activities for each session

  • The DVD – Seven short, thought-provoking films that introduce the material in each session.

  • The Book – Seven chapters providing additional material for each session.


Why Discover?

Discover is CMSI’s response to the many churches and individuals throughout Ireland who have expressed a desire for more, and better, mission education.


Discover is not intended as a fundraising enterprise, nor does it ‘champion’ (or even mention) CMSI. It is offered as a gift to the Church in Ireland – a resource for all who want to explore mission issues from a biblical perspective.

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