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Luwero Diocese 

(Kiwoko Hospital)


Luwero was once the centre of the tragic instability and civil war that marked the years of the Idi Amin and Milton Obote regimes in Uganda – and the conflict has left a lasting mark on the local community.

The diocese has almost 600 churches and yet there are only around 50 trained clergy, so while each parish has a few lay readers, the majority of the churches led by catechists (church teachers) who have no formal training.

The Rt. Rev Eridard Nsubuga was consecrated as 3rd Bishop of Luwero in May 2015. Bishop Eridard is well known to CMSI friends and supporters, having visiting Ireland on a number of occasions, including the Changing Times celebrations in 2014.

Leadership training, health care and evangelism are at the top the diocesan agenda.

Kiwoko Hospital
Kiwoko is a busy rural Christian Mission hospital operating under the Church of Uganda. As stated in its Mission Statement, it is a:


“Christ-centred health facility providing accessible, affordable, curative and preventive health care for holistic healing of the poor and vulnerable; reaching out to the community; and training of health workers; in partnership with individuals and institutions of like mind.”


We treat, Jesus Heals has been the motto of Kiwoko Hospital as it has undertaken its mission to provide healthcare to poor people in Luwero, Uganda over the past 25 years. Initially founded as a clinic in 1988 by Dr. Ian Clarke, a CMSI Mission Partner from Bangor, the hospital has flourished into what it is today; a major district referral hospital with some 250 beds and 300 staff.

As its motto states, Kiwoko believes in and practices holistic healthcare; people are more than just their physical bodies, and healthcare must work towards spiritual healing as well as physical treatment. To achieve this end, the hospital has a varied program of evangelism and discipleship, involving theological training for leaders, village outreaches and church planting.

Training has increased in importance for the hospital, reflected in the construction of a purpose built training centre in 2006, to provide in situ training for medical staff and Ugandan undergraduates. In addition to this, Kiwoko has two training schools, producing qualified Enrolled nurses and Laboratory technicians.

CMSI Mission Partners Rory and Denise Wilson and Paul and Tania Baker have both recently finished mission service at Kiwoko Hospital.

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
Bishop John with Ordinands
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