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Mission Associates

Zimmermans Dec 19.jpg

The Zimmerman Family

Deirdre Zimmerman (née Lloyd) is a nutritionist and a former CMSI Mission Partner. She currently works as an advisor to NCPS, a nutrition organisation in Nepal. Mark works at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu as Senior Clinician with input into the training of medical personnel.


Zachary is at university in USA, while Benjamin is currently studying for his A-levels in Kathmandu.

Isabelle Prondzynski

Isabelle is a former CMSI Mission Partner who previously worked in Kenya, supporting the work of the Urban Development Programme (UDP) of All Saints' Cathedral, Nairobi. 


 During her years working for the EU in Brussels, Isabelle maintained her link with the UDP. Now, having retired from the EU, she continues to support the UDP from Nairobi.

Guinness Family 2020.jpg

The Guinness Family

Alison (née Gill) is a former CMSI Mission Partner who has been working with the Church in Burundi since 2009. In recent years, her work has focused on developing new opportunities to help send Burundian missionaries to work in North Africa. 


Alison met Paul Guinness, a missionary with OM (Operation Mobilisation) in Burundi and they were married in 2015. Baby Jeremy joined the family a year later and was followed by Grace in 2018 and Lydia in 2020.

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