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North Kivu Diocese

DR Congo

North Kivu Diocese is one of CMSI’s three Global Partners in DR Congo and is led by Bishop Isesomo Muhindo.

Bishop Isesomo writes;

“Through the partnership with CMS Ireland and the church in Ireland, the diocese of North Kivu has seen God at work. God has united us by Jesus Christ. Even if we are from different skins and different nationalities, God has made us to be one in Him. And this unity is demonstrated by praying for one another, visiting one another when it is possible and the financial support from CMS Ireland to our diocese.”

In 2015, the CMSI Children’s Resource, Little Lights focused on DR Congo and sought to raise funds for three projects in Kindu Diocese. 

Bishop Isesomo and his colleagues have identified the following mission priorities for the diocese:
• Evangelising new areas, planting new churches and discipling new believers
• Biblical and theological training 
• Assisting those traumatised by the war, including orphans, widows, women who have been raped, displaced people and older people
• Continuing to build a diocesan guesthouse, as an income generator to help those in need

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
Bishop John with Ordinands
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