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Materials to help equip and inspire you in mission

Download Free Resources During Covid Crisis

  • Looking for online material for personal study or reflection? 

  • Trying to find something that your church or home group can 'virtually' discuss and study together? 

  • Wanting to stay informed about the Global Church during these uncertain times?

  • Desperate to find something to keep the children engaged and learning?


CMSI has made lots of its resources available as free downloads, to help you keep exploring God's big work of mission - and your part in that story. 

Discover intro image.jpg


Discussion-based course that aims to help people explore the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of mission from a biblical perspective - includes series of short films.


CMSI Children's Resource

Films, Activity workbooks and craft ideas from the past few editions of this annual resource that explores global mission.

VOH Blogs Image 4.jpg

Voices Of Hope

Blogs, news, stories and reflections from CMSI's partners and the staff team, offering signs of light in the midst of darkness.

IM63 cover.jpg
IM64 cover.jpg


Recent editions of CMSI's magazine, offering snapshots of CMSI's wider work.

Resourcing God's People 


CMSI produces a wide range of resource to help inspire, inform and equip individuals as they play their part in mission. All of our resources are produced in Ireland for the Church in Ireland. 

Our magazine, inMission, offers a snapshot of the wider work of CMSI and our partners - it's sent out with our quarterly Prayer Diary. Our main mission resource for adults, Discover is a film and discussion series for small groups. We also produce an annual Children's Resource to help children and teens explore global mission.

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