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SD Church, Nepal

SD Church in Nepal is a church for the marginalised, led by the marginalised. Each week, in the main Saturday service and in house-fellowships in Kathmandu and house churches throughout the country, hundreds of folk meet together to worship, pray and learn together – the vast majority are very poor; many have disabilities or illnesses. The church also manage numerous mission and social care programmes, which are transforming many lives and communities.


Having previously been based in an old carpet factory, which wasn’t fit for purpose, SD Church – along with its ministry programme SD Saathi Sewa – moved into a new, purpose-built facility in Kathmandu, in 2013. This was the culmination of many years of prayer and growing partnerships: the project involved financial support from Ireland as well as from partners in Canada, USA and Switzerland.


The relationship between Sundar Dhoka and CMSI goes back many years. CMS Mission Partners played a significant part in the lives of the the pastor and his family and they helped to share stories from SD Church with parishes in Ireland. Since 2006, six CMSI Mission Experience Teams Abroad have visited Nepal and the Society has hosted a number of visits to Ireland from SD. A formal partnership agreement was signed with CMSI in 2008.

The partnership with SD Church has grown and flourished, impacting lives in Nepal and in Ireland.


Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
Bishop John with Ordinands
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