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Pancakes, singing and dancing

Tuesday 2nd July

Much to our excitement, we woke up to fresh pancakes today and they were amazing.

When travelling to the girls’ school for the second day, we all piled into jeeps like sardines. However, the girls made the most of our confined space by filling the jeep with music. On the way, our driver John taught us the ‘Happy Song’, which was great fun.

At school, we rotated between three jobs, which was much more fluid than the previous day. Much to her surprise, Niamh was thrown in a wheelbarrow and pushed around site by the Kenyan girls.

While the Form Fours were being taught, we had the opportunity to meet the Form Threes who worked alongside us. Conor taught them the Spanish version of the macarena, and we also danced the hokey-cokey, which everyone loved! In return, the girls taught us a traditional Swahili song as well as some basic vocab, including how to count to ten. Amber took full advantage of this and gave everyone a good laugh when she learned how to say “my back hurts”!

Today started our lessons. They consisted of Maths, taught by Mr. Hamilton, Biology, by Mrs. Dunlop, Chemistry by Mrs. Given and Physics by Mr. Purcell. There was also a cultural exchange session where Alice, Jessica M, Naomi and Hannah D sang “O Danny boy”. Following this, Naomi and Jessica G showcased their Irish Dance talents, which the Oloosuyian girls absolutely loved.

Returning to work, Mwalimu Joyce was very impressed by the progress we had made in painting the dormitory. When we returned to our accommodation, Maggie informed us that the Maasai ladies from Oltiasika had kindly made jewellery for us to purchase. Never mind us, Bear couldn’t keep his paws off it all! Leionha and Suzanne

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