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A Very Good Day

Wednesday 3rd July

What a FANTASTIC day! We headed off early into the centre of Nairobi to sort out sewing machines and purchase some fabric for the girls so they can continue with the project long after we have gone home. With Jane's experience of living in Nairobi, she directed us to the best street in the city to source cotton, polycotton, brushed cotton and ribbon. We left the shops with our arms laden with supplies that cost us next to nothing!

We were chomping at the bit to get over to the girls in Kayole to continue teaching on the construction of the kits and the health education. We made sure each of the girls had a task, from cutting fabrics, drawing patterns, trimming the threads, turning fabrics inside out, over locking the liners, constructing the shields, putting the poppers on the shields as well as ironing the fabric for the shields. The room was a hive of activity and the girls were full of chat and could see how they all had a part to play in the construction of a complete kit. It was an utter joy to behold! Everything just seemed to marry together today: the girls were working meticulously to perfect every aspect of the kit and by the time we were leaving this evening they had made enough supplies for 10 full kits and enough liners for another 4 kits! The sewing room was buzzing and the excitement of the girls was tangible. They were delighted to know that each of them had played a part (no matter how big or small) in the finished product.

We chatted with Lucy about the sustainability of the project, and the best of business leaders could take some advice from that wise, Godly woman! She plans to get the girls together early next week to form their own committee comprising of: secretary, treasurer, marketing manager and then further subdivide into section heads for the different components of the “production line”. She firmly believes that together the girls would all make sure that the project takes root and is established and ultimately that it is sustainable. Highlights today would be a lovely conversation with a young mother who explained how she has used the kit over the past 24 hours. She was astounded at how comfortable, safe and secure she felt in it. She was so animated and exclaimed how much she loves it, we were all delighted, encouraged and moved by how passionately she felt about it. Her testimony alone makes this whole project worthwhile! Another highlight was when one very determined young mother was using the over locker to make liners, she was disturbed by her crying baby however, she hardly missed a beat when she latched him on to feed and she continued stitching. She wanted to know how every single component of the kit was constructed so she could make more and more of them after we leave. The whole group of girls were just a sheer pleasure to work with today and the love we felt for them was reciprocated when they were kissing and hugging us and taking selfies with us too. They truly are an inspiring group of smiling, powerful beautiful girls.

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