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  • Linda Abwa

Extreme weather causes destruction in Olo and Ibba, South Sudan

On Easter Tuesday we received greetings from Bishop Tandema Obed of Olo Diocese, South Sudan. However, in spite of his joy over how many had attended the Easter weekend celebrations he also had distressing news to share:

Easter greetings from Bp Tandema and Mama Fatima. We did celebrate Easter Sunday very well and many Christians turned up and it was very joyous day, but Satan played terrible games on Good Friday evening where by our Church Clinic got burnt and house of pastor also got burnt with everything in his house...

Wildfires have been an increasing issue over the past four to five years for all of our partners in South Sudan, and this fire occurred after two weeks of compulsory school closures in the country, because of temperatures soaring over 45 degrees Celsius. Yet, just yesterday we received information from Ibba Diocese, South Sudan, of severe rain fall and storms which caused destruction of St. Luke's Parish church and damage to the town Primary School.

Bishop Tandema rquests your prayers:

... share this information with my friends over there so they can pray for us.

We also ask you to pray for Ibba and to continue action to mitigate climate change which impacts these extreme weather events in South Sudan.



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