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Sunday Snapshot

Sunday 7th July

Today was always going to be a good day because we were treated to an extra hour in bed! This gave us the energy that we needed to keep up with the girls at Oloosuyian, as we joined them for their Sunday worship. A group of us performed 'What a Friend we have in Jesus', in Swahili, which was well received by everyone at the school, especially those who understood it! We were amazed at how the girls embraced their worship and so inspired by their enthusiasm. This morning gave us the chance to use the dance moves that the girls taught us over the last week. They were obviously executed perfectly. . .

We got so involved in our singing and dancing, that when we came out, we were shocked to find out that the service had lasted almost three hours! It is safe to say that the experience was ever so slightly different from services at home. When we returned, Ronnie and Maggie filled us in on what we could expect in the week to come. We were then given time to relax and enjoy a restful day. We all appreciated and needed the rest and soon occupied ourselves with sorting our washing (we're so mature), journaling and scrapbooking. If we weren't doing any of that, we were simply getting to know each other better.

However, for some, our 'rest day' ended abruptly when Mr. Hamilton decided to begin the intense and aggressive game of spike-up. This really brought out the competitive side in everyone. Tonight, we are looking forward to another Family Games Night, which is being hosted by Alice's travel group. If it follows the same pattern as before, the craic should be mighty and the arguments fierce! Tomorrow morning, we will return to school for more fellowship and work with the girls. Anna and Steph

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