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  • Linda Abwa

Peace for all

On this international day of peace we remember the life of Raymond.

As a young man looking towards building a business, Raymond trained at Yei Vocational Training College, South Sudan, in 2021. He built his skills and started to build a family too. With a young wife and new baby Raymond worked hard to save for a motorbike. When he bought it he celebrated being a 'boda boda' driver. He was able to make a steady income taking one or two (maybe even three) people on the back of his motorbike taxi. The future seemed bright.

On 31st August this year, Raymond took a boda boda fare and headed towards Lasu with two people on board. On the way they were ambushed. Raymond was shot dead and the perpetrators made off on his new motorbike.

On this international day of peace we remember the loss, pain and fear of Raymond and his family. We remember that while his death did not make international headlines, his life was valued. He was loved and he was important to his family and community. We remember that the lives of those we hope can be transformed, through life giving projects like YVTC, are complex and dynamic. Without peace they continue to be at risk.

And so, as we live in peace let us remember that too many of our global partners do not. Let us pray for peace for all.



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