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Yei Diocese

South Sudan

Yei Diocese is the most southerly of the 50 dioceses in the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan and has enjoyed a strong partnership with CMSI and the Church in Ireland for many years. The diocese is led by Bishop Hilary Luate Adeba.


It is a former Bishop of Yei, Rt Rev Seme Solomona, who initially challenged the Church of Ireland to support Sudan – and the Church there – during the worst years of the civil war. The links between CMSI and what is now South Sudan emerged from this challenge. Today, many link parishes, along with Connor Diocese, enjoy a partnership link with Yei.


The work in Yei continues to grow and develop through health provision, vocational training, church leadership programmes and education, in both primary and secondary school levels. CMSI has supported many of these initiatives.

Even though Yei – as well as other parts of South Sudan – are currently experiencing another period of unrest, Bishop Hilary remains positive and is confident that the Church will continue to grow.

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
Bishop John with Ordinands
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