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Gitega Diocese


Gitega Diocese, east of Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura, was created in 1985. CMSI’s relationship with the diocese goes back many years – a partnership was formalised in 2003. The diocese is led by Bishop Aimé Joseph Kimararungu, who succeeded Gitega's first bishop, Rt Rev John Nduwayo, in 2018.

As is true across the whole of Burundi, Gitega Diocese faces many of the challenges that are familiar in a post-conflict context – reconciliation, education and leadership. Consequently, these have been the priority areas for CMSI’s partnership with Gitega Diocese – and with Matana Diocese – in recent years.

Bishop Aime Joseph_edited.jpg

"I studied law and worked as a judge before coming into the ministry. There is nothing new that the law brings – it is all there in the Bible. The law is crowned by the 10 Commandments."

Bishop Aime Joseph

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands

Some of the current priorities of Gitega Diocese include:

• Church planting in Ruyigi Province, which borders with Tanzania. Returnee refugees there had already formed new congregations from their time in the Refugee Camps in Tanzania.

• The training of church workers, both pastors and lay evangelists, especially in Ruyigi where the work of the Anglican Church is still new. 

• To spiritually nurture new believers and to assist them materially and help them build adequate churches as their places for worship.

Bp John Bp AJ JS outside dioc offices Gi
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