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Kajiado Diocese



Through CMSI, parishes and individuals in Ireland have supported numerous mission projects in Kajiado over the years, in areas such as theological education, healthcare, education, water provision, sustainable development and drought and famine relief.


In February 2015, Ronnie and Maggie Briggs returned to Kajiado for a new term of service as CMSI Mission Partners.

There is a long history of exchange visits between Ireland and Kajiado and, as such, there are many strong, personal bonds that have helped the partnership to grow and develop. A team from Christ Church, Bray and St Mark’s, Dundela visited Kajiado in 2015.


“Our partnership with CMS Ireland and the Church in Ireland has enabled us to go further than we would have done alone. We value the fact that we appreciate, understand and support each other as we serve God and His people.”

The current mission priorities of Kajiado Diocese include:
• Sustainability through income generating projects 
• Plans to facilitate the preaching of the good news to all across the diocese
• Social responsibility in terms of provision of food, water, and health

Bishop Gaddiel writes:

“This partnership has allowed us to spread a holistic gospel to all our people across the diocese and even into other regions. As our Church has grown we feel that we have grown together.”

Kajiado Diocese is one of CMSI’s two Global Partners in Kenya; there’s been a strong and fruitful partnership between Kajiado and parishes throughout Ireland for more than 35 years. The diocese is led by Bishop Gaddiel Lenini.

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
Bishop John with Ordinands
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