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Kibungo Diocese


Kibungo Diocese is one of CMSI’s two Global Partners in Rwanda and is led by Bishop Emmanuel Ntazinda.

Kibungo Diocese, in the South East of Rwanda is a member of the Eglise Anglican du Rwanda. Reconciliation and rehabilitation have shaped the agenda of the Church as it has sought to live the transforming message of Christ in the midst of local communities. This means that evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, community development and fighting poverty have been central to the ministry and mission of the diocese.

As such, CMSI has sought to support our Kibungo Diocese by:

  •  Supporting the expansion Gahima Secondary School; 

  •  Partnering in the building of a new diocesan office – which is used as base to coordinate the evangelism, community development and education work of the Church; 

  • Investing in the establishment of youth camps – which have provided discipleship opportunities for young people;

  • Funding a poverty alleviation programme – working through a grinding mill project.

  • Kibungo Diocese was the focus of CMSI’s 2009 Annual Project, Start Small, Grow Tall, which supported the creation of small scale agricultural co-operatives for maize growing.

Gitega Dioese school children
Bishop John with Ordinands
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