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Back to school in Kayole

We have been richly blessed in the last few days as we deepen existing relationships and make many new friends. We are delighted that Louise is feeling much better and has joined us again. We are also thrilled that Kathleen, one of the founding members of the UDP, has been able to join us for the last few days.

Our main focus remains the work in Tujisaidie school and the progress is amazing. We have worked closely with the local team, primarily John the painter and Walter the electrician/plasterer/joiner, and have had a lot of laughs as well as getting loads done.

All the corridors and hallways and a number of the classrooms in the school are now painted. In one of our many discussions we agreed with the community that we should also focus on electrical work such as sockets and lights. Harold has worked with the local team to agree materials needed and we have now purchased these and hope to install them over the next few days. The school is taking two days off later this week, which will allow us to spend our time completing classroom painting, making a start on painting desks and installing electrics.

We continue to receive many invites to attend events during our visit. On Saturday we took part in the 'More Than Just A Meal' project with the Tumaini African Foundation, led by our good friend Anthony. It was hugely inspiring to see the work that Anthony has done with these young people and to pray that this becomes a model for other communities. The message on his t-shirt says it all!

We were also very warmly received and have been shown great hospitality when we attended a concert from our driver Eddie's choir and when we attended Holy Trinity Church in Kayole yesterday. This was a short service lasting a mere 2.5 hours!

This morning we were delighted to meet up with our good friends Ronnie and Maggie Briggs as they visited us at the Guest House. It has been great to catch up with them and hear how the Twende Team got on in Kajiado. This afternoon we're spending time in central Nairobi and planning the remainder of the week - update to follow in our next blog.

Please continue to pray for the team and those we meet. Thanks to all for their prayers for safe travel and God's guidance.

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