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  • Gillian Maganda

Relief after car accident

CMSI Personnel Manager, Gillian Maganda writes... We were shocked to hear on Monday that Ronnie and Maggie Briggs (Mission Partners in Kajiado Diocese, Kenya) had a serious car accident on their way back from a trip to Oltiasika. As they drove onto a very slippy, newly graded road, their Landrover spun out of control and ended up on its roof, lodged against a rock.

Thankfully, their vehicle is fitted with a safety roll cage as well as a heavy-duty metal grill at the front. Nonetheless, Ronnie has fractured a rib and badly damaged his knee. Maggie is suffering from a bruised neck and lower back.

Ronnie and Maggie are badly shaken up and reeling from the shock of it all. Amazingly, this is their first accident in all their years in Kenya. We're thankful that they are both okay, and that no one else was involved. As Maggie writes,

“We have an overwhelming sense of relief that we’ve been protected in such an amazing way. God is good!”

For Ronnie and Maggie, the use of a robust vehicle is essential for their ministry and roles across Kajiado Diocese. The vehicle was recently in the mechanic's workshop for a major, costly, overhaul, but it'll now have to go back to the panel beaters and repairers.

We want to ensure that Ronnie and Maggie's vehicle is properly repaired and is fit for purpose. If that is something you'd be willing to support, we'd love to hear from you.

This is the second road incident for CMSI's Mission partners within the space of six weeks and I'm struck by just how vulnerable our personnel are on the roads. It's a reminder that we need to keep praying for God’s protection over the Scotts in Zambia and the Briggs in Kenya

Please do pray for time to rest and recuperate and for a full and speedy recovery for both Ronnie and Maggie at this difficult and challenging time.

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