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Willing Volunteers

CMSI's Rachel Brittain was delighted to attend the Age Friendly Belfast Volunteer Awards Ceremony in Belfast City Hall on Wednesday 5th December along with three of CMSI's very willing volunteers - Heather Edgar, Joan Crothers, and Maureen Walker (or as we call them - The Dream Team!)

"We were joined by almost 200 other volunteers from various organisation and charities who work across the Belfast area in community projects, church initiatives and charity work. What a fun afternoon we had!

Joan, Heather and Maureen were nominated as part of the Group Award, which recognises the impact of a group of individuals on an organisation or charity. Our "Dream Team" are a wonderful support to the office staff and have helped us to save over £7500 with their input in our mailings over the past few years. They represent a wider group of volunteers who help us to communicate with churches and supporters across Ireland and globally. Although our "Dream Team" didn't bring home the winning prize, they are most definitely winners in our eyes!

It was wonderful to hear from the Lord Mayor Deidre Hargey and Baronness May Blood during the Awards Ceremony. Baroness Blood shared her experience of volunteering and said it begins with a willingness to join in - whatever the cause may be. We thank Joan, Heather and Maureen for their willingness to join in with the work of CMSI. We hope they enjoyed their day being celebrated for all their hard work!"

If you would like to know more about our volunteering opportunities in CMSI, please get in touch.

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